Saturday, December 18, 2010

Drawing on non-white paper, pt. 1

Lately, I have been looking at a lot of wonderful books of drawings.
Like these (with links to Amazon):
Rembrandt Drawings by Seymour Slive
Master Drawings of the Italian Renaissance by Claire Van Cleave
I was struck by some of the drawings where the artist worked on some sort of colored, non-white paper.
I decided to try it with this squirrel, one of our backyard visitors. He's looking at me in the kitchen window, taking his photograph.
It's interesting to work on a darker surface where you can darken AND lighten to depict something.
Suddenly that white pencil has purpose.

Derwent Watercolour pencils on tan paper
Dec. 2010


  1. I thought this was a sepia photo of a squirrel at first glance.

  2. Really? Thanks.
    (did you not have your glasses on?)

    Henry thought I should have done a background, but i had already moved on to other works....